Toothache Pain? Try These Proven Home Remedies

Tooth Ache

Tooth Ache Pain - Home RemedyEveryone has toothaches every once in awhile. Discomfort anywhere in the body is usually a symptom of an underlying problem, and mouth pain is no exception. Any toothache pain is usually worse at night, because lying down increases blood flow to the mouth and jaw.

If you have any mouth problems, it’s best to get in touch with a Ft. Lauderdale dentist straightaway. The longer issues go untreated, the more difficult, and more expensive, they are to address.

What Causes Toothaches?

Tooth decay causes about 90 percent of all toothaches. Typically, this type of discomfort comes and goes. Some people are sensitive to the first bite of something hot or cold. Other times, as mentioned earlier, the pain is only noticeable at night. But pain or no pain, the decay is always there and steadily getting worse.

Other causes of toothache pain include sinusitis, gum disease, and ear infection. Additionally, many bodily diseases have at least some oral symptoms. Dr. Stone usually performs tests to rule out these other causes and then focuses on the tooth decay.

When Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

If the pain is intermittent and dull, there is usually no emergency. But if the pain is sharp, stabbing, or consistent, you may need emergency dental care. It’s best to call Dr. Stone and relay your symptoms to the office. Dr. Stone usually keeps some time free each day for cases like these.

Tooth trauma, like a broken tooth, almost always requires emergency care as well. That’s especially true if there is any blood. Decay and other serious problems set in very quickly once a tooth is compromised.

How Can I Control Toothache Pain?

Oil of Clove is a natural anesthetic that can be particularly effective for toothaches.

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, are usually good toothache remedies. Try to avoid aspirin. This anticoagulant (blood thinner) can have some serious side effects in some cases. There are also toothache NSAIDs, like Orajel. If pills and chemicals are not your thing, try one of these toothache pain home remedies:

  • Oil of Cloves: This substance is a natural anesthetic that’s particularly effective for toothaches. The relief doesn’t last long but is very effective over the short term. Marathon Man Babe Levy (Dustin Hoffman) found this out the hard way.
  •  Moist Tea Bag: This toothache remedy is basically the same, except the tea affects nerve endings in the gum. Do not use this fix very much, because tea stains teeth.
  • Salt Water/Peroxide Rinse: Yes, it sounds nasty and it tastes nasty. But this method washes away bacteria and cleans the teeth. This rinse is especially important if the tooth hurts too much to brush. Rinse your mouth at least three or four times a day until you see Dr. Stone.

Sometimes these remedies work very well, and sometimes they do not work at all. It can be a matter of trial and error.

A serious tooth condition usually causes toothache pain. Fortunately, you have the power to temporarily reduce the pain and make it through the day or night. To address the underlying problem, call Dr. John Stone at Best Dental Associates. We’ll address the real problem and make your toothache pain go away permanently.

Tooth Ache


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