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From Dr. Stone's Blog

Tooth Reconstruction: The World of Prost...

What is Tooth Reconstruction? Beautiful teeth are a sign of good health and well-being. Damaged, discolored, or missing teeth can show problems with health and self-confidence. Prosthodontists, like Dr. Stone, are dentists who have advanced training in tooth reconstruction. They … Continue reading

Types of Dental Caps and Their Cost

Different Types of Dental Caps and Cost

Dental caps (also referred to as tooth crowns) are perfect for protecting badly damaged teeth. Caps go on top of a tooth when everyday procedures like a filling or bonding is no longer sufficient for repair. Dental caps are also … Continue reading

What are daVinci Veneers?

DaVinci Veneers

DaVinci veneers are high quality, hand-crafted porcelain veneers. They are created at the daVInci Dental Studio in California, which has been crafting veneers for Hollywood stars for more than thirty years. Continue reading