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Fort Lauderdale Dentist, Dr. Stone, DDS

Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist (prosthodontist), Dr. Stone has been practicing since 1979. His success as a cosmetic dentist is based years of advanced training and over 30 years of private practice, teaching and continuing education.
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Fort Lauderdale Dentist

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When your dentist recommends you visit a specialist to restore function, comfort, and appearance by replacing natural or missing teeth, only a trained cosmetic dentist will do. Contact us to make an appointment with Fort Lauderdale dentist & prosthodontist, Dr. Stone, DDS.
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From Dr. Stone's Blog

Mini Dental Implants in Ft. Lauderdale

Should I Get Mini Dental Implants?

When dental implants first appeared in the 1960s, many dental patients with broken or missing teeth thought that things could not get better. Prosthodontists refined techniques and materials over the next few decades, and a good thing got even better. … Continue reading

Broken Tooth Pain Relief

Statistically, dental emergencies, like broken teeth, account for less than 2% of all emergency room visits. But considering that over 135 million people go to an emergency room each year, that’s a lot of dental visits. Continue reading

Full Mouth Teeth Implants

Using advanced tools and techniques, Dr. Stone can give you a full set of implants which rest on only four titanium posts. That’s the least invasive, most permanent, and most cost-effective solution available. Continue reading