There’s No Such Thing as One Day Dental Implants

There's no such thing as one day dental implants

If you type “one day dental implants” into google right now, you will find 1,000 dentists that will offer you just that. At Dr. Stone’s in Fort Lauderdale, we have to write articles about one day dental implants because almost every single other dentist is telling you a white lie. But we’re going to do something a little different and tell you the truth; there’s no such thing as one day dental implants (at least we hope not—don’t worry, we’ll explain).

Dental implants should last you a lifetime, and if you decide to rush the process, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll only last you a few months. We like saving time just as much as you do, but sometimes cutting corners just makes you pay twice as much later, and that’s exactly the case with one day implants.

One other way people cut corners is with the experience of the dentist. You should always have implants placed by a licensed prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a specialist when it comes to dental prosthetics like crownsbridgesveneers, dentures, or implants. They’ve studied for three more years than your family dentist, and they form and fit these implements all day long. Not all dentists are the same. Don’t learn the hard way by looking for the cheapest option out there.

A licensed prosthodontist may still recommend one day dental implants, but they’ll be making the recommendation against their better judgment instead of out of ignorance.

What are one day dental implants?

Cost of Dental Implants

There’s often some confusion with the terms used in dentistry. One day dental implants are a relatively new procedure that allows patients to leave the doctor’s office with a working implant. The catch is that the crown (the new tooth that goes on top of the implant post) is temporary.

The dentist has rushed through the process to put a temporary crown on top of the implant instead of allowing the area to heal before placing a permanent crown. There are some patients who really can afford to make this risk, but even for the very best patient, it’s still a risk.

Here’s the problem. Clinical studies have shown that the traditional period of waiting before placing the crown is critical to the success of the implant. There’s actually a term for placing a crown early: premature loading.

Why shouldn’t I get one day dental implants?

The thing that makes dental implants such a great choice for patients is their longevity and ability to foster jawbone strength. A well-placed implant will actually stimulate new bone growth around it through a process called osseointegration. Here’s what one day dental implants forget: osseointegration takes almost 2 months.

This is why we think that though some offices really will send you out the door with a working implant, it’s better not to rush the process. You’ll be thankful you waited those two months to place that permanent crown when you’ve had that implant for a decade. And you’ll be really disappointed when you throw away $4,000 on something that only gave you pain for a couple months.

Sometimes the body just needs time to heal. When you break a bone, you wear a cast. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but it’s the body’s timing. When you rush the body, you don’t fully heal. This can cause you a lot of pain later or a lot of money later. We think that it’s best to just do it right the first time.

Talk to us

We highly recommend talking to different prosthodontists. We also think that they shouldn’t charge you anything to talk through whatever questions you have, but maybe that’s just because we won’t.

Dr. Stone set up his practice in Fort Lauderdale in 1979, so he’s been doing this for over 40 years now! He’d love to use his expertise to help guide you through whatever dental questions or problems you have. Schedule your free consultation today!

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