The Advantages of Aging: Wisdom, Well-Being and Dentures


The Advantages of Aging

Scientists have studied and  identified the ages at which human beings peak at certain physical milestones and psychological skills. If you’re over forty you may never win a Nobel Prize or be a chess champion, but you may have a greater sense of well-being than ever before and your vocabulary may be very impressive.


Studies even show that at age seventy-four, you’ll feel happier with your body than ever before. What we’ve also learned is that even though we become more psychologically stable as we get older, our facial bones shift, the texture of our bones gets rough and there will be bone loss in our face, simply from aging.

How Dentures Can Create the Appearance of a Facelift

We’re all born with chubby cheeks, cherubic faces and smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

As we age, and our bones change, our faces no longer have sharp contours, our jaw line begins to lose definition, our cheekbones descend and our skin sags.


Facelifts, that pull the skin tight, can look unnatural. It’s the underlying bone that supports   and props up the skin and just pulling it tight does not recreate the look of youth.

When dentures are made well, they can fill out the areas of the face that appear to sag because of bone loss.

Instead of the tight, unnatural look that sometimes accompanies a facelift, dentures can actually help to fill out the areas of the face that where bone has been lost and reabsorbed and create the natural look that is created by our bone structure…and the process does not require invasive surgery.


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Dr. Stone specializes in making dentures that can redefine the facial contours that become diminished with tooth and bone loss. As a cosmetic dentist he has both the skill and aesthetic sensibility to create dentures that give the appearance of a facelift.

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