Dental Cleanings & Checkups Can Keep Your Smile Bright and Trouble-Free

Do you visit your dentist often enough? Most low-risk patients should be getting regular dental cleanings and checkups at every six months.

There is evidence to suggest that bacteia on teeth may be responsible for some medical problems, like atherosclerosis, diabetes, possibly kidney and liver disease.  High-risk patients should visit even more frequently, sometimes more than two times a year.  We provide regular dental services like cleanings and regular check-ups.

Dr. Stone and our staff would love to meet you and assist with any complications you’re having; but he’d also like to encourage you to take care of your healthy teeth before they encounter problems by utilizing regular dental cleanings and checkups. Keep in mind that a periodontal specialty office might not be checking for dental decay.

Dr Stone believes that people should be able to keep all of their teeth their entire lives. With todays state-of-the-art procedures, decayed teeth and gum disease is preventable and treatable.  With regular screenings you can keep your smile looking its best and detect problems like gum disease, oral cancer, and cavities early before they lead to more advanced and damaging conditions and results.

Did you know that someone dies of oral cancer in the United States every hour? By keeping your oral health on the top of your self-care list of priorities you can avoid preventable issues, saving yourself time, stress, pain, and money.

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