How to Fix a Cracked Tooth

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How to fix a cracked tooth Not all cracked teeth are the same. But no matter what kind damage you’re dealing with, a cracked tooth is a serious dental problem that can potentially lead to other dental problems, like infections. To fix your cracked tooth, you’ll have to make an appointment with your dentist. But fixing a cracked tooth can be tricky, though. Often times patients experience pain that comes and goes, making it difficult to tell that the tooth has been damaged. Because of this, regular dental checkups could very well save your cracked tooth. Even an invisible crack can cause severe pain and irreparable harm, especially if it’s in the root of your tooth.

Fixing a Cracked Tooth

Depending on how the tooth cracked, treatment will differ. One of the best ways to restore a cracked tooth, however, is by using a dental crown. Because dental crowns completely cover the part of the tooth above your gum line, it securely holds the different parts of your tooth together and is usually effective in preventing the crack from spreading. A root canal may be necessary if your tooth crack has injured the living tissue inside your tooth. In that case your dentist will remove the living part of your tooth – like the infected pulp and the tooth nerve – before placing a crown.

Spotting a Cracked Tooth

How to fix a cracked toothSome people can go for months before finding out their tooth is cracked. If you experience inexplicable tooth pain that comes and goes in one of your teeth, you could be suffering from cracked tooth syndrome. Cracked tooth syndrome occurs when the crack in a tooth is too small to see. At times you’ll experience pain while you bite or chew, especially when you release. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause discomfort. Because the pain has a tendency to go away at times, many people don’t suspect there’s a real problem.

Even if you visit your dentist, finding a tiny crack will be tricky. Never assume your tooth is alright simply because you can’t see a crack. If you experience the symptoms mentioned above, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from cracked tooth syndrome. You should see a dentist about the problem.

Cracked Tooth Home Treatment

If you have an obvious tooth crack or a fractured cusp, spotting the crack will be the least of your problems. If your tooth has sharp edges and you’re scared it could cut the inside of your mouth, you can use sugarless gum or temporary dental cement to cover the area while you’re waiting for an appointment. If you’d prefer temporary dental cement, your local drugstore will be the best place to find it.

For pain relief you could use over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen. You could also apply a cold pack on your cheek to reduce swelling and pain. If breathing through your mouth is painful, try lightly biting on a moist, clean piece of cloth. You should avoid chewing or biting on a cracked tooth. If it’s possible, eat only soft foods and drink liquids until you see your dentist.

Your cracked tooth can be considered a dental emergency. Often times, the pain can be very severe, even unbearable. Leaving a cracked tooth can cause the crack to spread, so emergency dental treatment is the best choice sometimes.

When a Tooth Can’t Be Saved

How to fix a cracked toothIf the crack has spread into the root of your tooth, it usually can’t be repaired. In this case your dentist will have to extract the cracked tooth. To replace the missing tooth, you can talk to your dentist about tooth replacement options. One of the best tooth replacement options would be getting a dental implant. With a dental implant, you’ll never have to miss your extracted tooth. Your new tooth will look and perform exactly like a real tooth. Dental implants have a post to replace the root of your lost tooth. An abutment and crown are attached to the implant post to securely hold your tooth in place.

Cracked Tooth Dental Emergency

If your cracked tooth is keeping you up at night and debilitating you during the day, or if you can’t imagine spending even a single day with the pain you’re experiencing, you should book an emergency appointment with a dentist that will see you as soon as possible. Getting treatment on the same day, or one day later is best. Feel free to contact Dr. Stone’s practice to schedule an emergency appointment to fix your cracked tooth.

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