Are Your Teeth Naturally Yellow?

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Teeth Naturally YellowThere are different reasons for tooth discoloration, but if you have teeth that are naturally yellow, little of what you do to whiten them will make a difference. Some people struggle with yellow teeth all their lives without understanding exactly why nothing they do works to treat the problem. The good news is that even naturally yellow teeth can be whitened, and kept white, if you understand the causes behind tooth discoloration.

Why Are Some Teeth Naturally Yellow?

By now, you probably know that certain lifestyle choices can lead to your teeth staining. Drinking coffee and tea, poor oral hygiene and smoking are among the top lifestyle choices that can lead to the hard outer layer of your teeth discoloring.

But if you’ve adjusted your lifestyle and still struggle with yellow discoloration in your teeth, chances are the problem isn’t really staining.

When teeth are naturally yellow, the problem is usually deeper than that. Normal tooth staining is discoloration of the hard, outermost surface of your teeth, this layer is called the tooth enamel and it’s the hardest tissue found anywhere in the human body. Under the enamel, there’s a different kind of tooth tissue called dentin.

Dentin is typically a bit softer than enamel and is usually yellowish in color. If you’ve had no success trying to treat regular tooth staining, there’s a good chance that your dentin is yellower than most people’s. While your enamel isn’t extremely translucent, it still allows some of the yellowish color of your dentin to shine through. Discolored dentin could be caused by a variety of things, such as medications and your genes. Because dentin is the layer under your tooth enamel, having a thinner layer of enamel on your teeth will also cause the color of your dentin to shine through more clearly.

Why Bleaching Kits Won’t Work for You

Teeth Naturally Yellow

If you have a problem with teeth that appear naturally yellow, no amount of bleaching will solve the problem. This is because bleaching kits, whitening toothpastes, and other home treatments for yellow teeth are only meant to bleach the enamel.

And while using a bleaching kits sparingly can help to whiten your teeth somewhat, you should be careful not to overuse them. When used to often, these kits can actually start to wear away your tooth enamel, which will only cause the color of your dentin to become more visible. Obviously this will only worsen your problem rather than improving it.

Fact is, these kits can’t go beyond the outer layer of your teeth to bleach the discoloration of your dentin, so for some people, they make no difference in whiting the teeth at all.

How to Whiten Dentin?

Luckily there’s still a way to whiten your teeth, even if it’s your dentin that’s causing the yellowness.

Deep Bleaching is the most effective method to whiten any kind of tooth discoloration. The method seems to work well, even when your tooth discoloration goes beyond your tooth enamel. It’s also safer for your teeth than constantly using over-the-counter bleaching kits.

The benefit of deep bleaching is that it’s the most effective tooth bleaching method currently available. However, there are some drawbacks. For instance, deep bleaching is a process that can take more than two weeks to complete. During this time, you’ll have to wear whitening trays every night to help your teeth whiten. Apart from this, it can be difficult to know exactly how much whiter your teeth will be after treatment is complete. While some patients get superb results, others find that their teeth is only slightly whiter than before.

If you have any concerns about deep bleaching and you’d like to consult a dentist to discuss the procedure, feel free to call Dr. Stone’s practice to book an appointment. As a cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist, Dr. Stone uses the safest and most effective technology possible to get his patients’ teeth looking their best. That’s why he uses the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System.

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