What Do I Need To Know About Teeth Whitening in Ft. Lauderdale?

fort lauderdale teeth whitening

fort lauderdale teeth whiteningYears ago, teeth whitening in Ft. Lauderdale was mainly for the super-rich and/or the super-vain. But technological improvements, as well as a better understanding about what causes yellow teeth, have reduced the cost of these procedures. Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing.

The lower cost and higher demand has created a flood of Ft. Lauderdale teeth whitening services. Not all of these providers are created equally. Some are in it mostly for the money and their qualifications are rather suspect. Regulators may be partially to blame. Some states, including North Carolina, even allow non-dentists to whiten teeth.

Nevertheless, if done properly, teeth whitening is safe and effective. The best way to pick a good provider from a sea of choices is to know what you are looking for. That’s what this post is about.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

As we get older, hair often becomes gray and teeth often become yellow. More precisely, the yellow part of the teeth becomes more visible. A tooth’s dentin has a natural yellowish color. It gets darker as the teeth repair themselves from time to time. Add the darker color to a thinner enamel, and you get a yellow tooth.

Poor habits, such as teeth grinding, accelerate this process. Other contributing factors include hitting a tooth, fluorosis (too much fluoride), silver fillings, and genetic propensities.

What Makes the Yellow Go Away?

ft lauderdale tooth whiteningDr. Stone uses an advanced intrinsic method to whiten teeth in Ft. Lauderdale. Since the yellow comes from the dentin and not the enamel, polishing the teeth won’t do much good in the long run. Instead, Dr. Stone infuses the teeth with hydrogen peroxide. That process lightens the dentin, giving the patient a more permanent teeth whitening experience.

Some people have external discoloration, perhaps due to smoking or caffeine. The discoloration on the surface, so intrinsic whitening will not make much of a difference. Instead, Dr. Stone can use a special cleaner to remove these stains much more quickly, and effectively, than any over-the-counter cream.

What Else Should I Know About Teeth Whitening in Ft. Lauderdale?

To get the most out of your teeth whitening experience, a healthy mouth is important. Dr. Stone will talk to you about any gum disease, cavities, gum recession, or other issues. Ethical dentists will always discuss these problems with you upfront and not just take your money.

After the treatment, your teeth will be sensitive for up to 24 hours. Teeth whitening usually lasts about a year or two, then some yellow may return.

If you are dissatisfied with your smile, you can do something about it without breaking the bank. Cost-effective and long-lasting teeth whitening in Ft. Lauderdale is available. To experience a noticeable difference for yourself, contact Dr. John Stone at Best Dental Associates. We offer a full range of prosthodontic services.

fort lauderdale teeth whitening


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