What Is CTS and What Can I Do About It?

What Is CTS?

Cracked Tooth FixIf a wayward elbow during a pickup basketball games knocks out a tooth, most people know they must go to the dentist straightaway. But what if you accidentally bump into the doorjamb as you rush out for work? Trauma like this may cause a hairline crack on a tooth, which is also known as Cracked Tooth Syndrome.

In that first scenario, the cracked tooth fix is usually rather straightforward. Most people require a crown or, if the damage is extensive, an implant. But with regard to hairline cracks, both diagnosis and treatment is an issue.

Some CTS Symptoms

Tooth enamel, which is the thin layer on the visible part of the tooth, is stronger than bone. It has to be, because the wear and tear on tooth enamel is significant. Chewing and biting are tough enough. Tooth grinding and other habits accelerate the enamel erosion process.

Cracked Tooth RepairSo, millions of people suffer from CTS. Their dentists may not even know it. Some cracks are so small they do not show up on X-rays. So, self-diagnosis is often key. You may need a cracked tooth fix if you experience pain:

  • While or immediately after biting,
  • When eating or drinking cold food or beverages, or
  • While drinking or eating sugary beverages or food.

Be especially mindful of your back molars, as that’s where tooth cracks are most likely. Moreover, the discomfort need not be severe. A very small crack may only affect the enamel. But without a cracked tooth fix, the situation will get much worse.

The Best Cracked Tooth Fix

As mentioned, tiny cracks usually do not show up on X-rays. So, if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, tell Dr. Stone or your hygienist. Then, we can run advanced diagnostic tests, like a bite test or microscopic exam.

Once we locate the problem and see how bad it is, we can proceed with the best cracked tooth fix. It’s impossible to seal the crack, as teeth are not like bones. However, Dr. Stone can use something like tooth restoration to cover the crack and keep it from worsening. In some cases, a root canal or extraction may be necessary.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, preventing the problem might be the best cracked tooth fix. Do not grind your teeth or bite hard objects, like ice cubes. Moreover, be sure and wear a mouthguard when playing sports.

At Best Dental Associates, Dr. John Stone and his team work hard to preserve your oral health. Sometimes that means advanced restoration techniques and sometimes it means sound advice. Whatever you need, call our Ft. Lauderdale office today for your initial appointment.

What Is CTS and What Can I Do About It?


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