What You Need to Know About Chipped or Broken Tooth Caps

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Most people know that chipped or broken teeth caps are unsightly and embarrassing. But many people do not know that these problems are not just cosmetic issues. Cracked and broken teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss.

Tooth Pain Remedy

Cracked teeth harbor bacteria. The unnatural shape also makes them more difficult to clean. And, tooth enamel is so thin that a breach in one area causes problems in other areas. That combination is too much for even an otherwise healthy tooth to overcome.

Tooth loss is difficult to treat. Though options have improved in recent years, dentures or implants are about the only available remedies. Chipped or broken tooth caps, on the other hand, can be fixed. And you probably know what they say about an ounce of prevention.

Chipped Tooth Causes

Just like many people do not know the full effects of a chipped or broken tooth, many people do not know how these tooth injuries occur.

Trauma injuries cause most of the chipped or broken teeth which need to be fixed. Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports, even non-contact sports like baseball, significantly reduces the risk. But it does not eliminate the risk altogether. People still bite into hard foods and hit their mouths on doors and tables.

Furthermore, trauma injuries are not the only cause. Tooth grinding and other bad habits can either crack a tooth or make it more susceptible to a trauma injury.

As a side note, even artificial crowns are at risk. It’s harder, but not impossible, to crack or chip a dental crown.

How to Fix a Chipped or Broken Tooth Cap

Regardless of location in the mouth or severity of the damage, chipped or broken teeth can always be fixed. Dr. Stone will go over all the ways to fix a chipped or broken tooth cap, including:

  • Bonding: If the damage is minor and the tooth is otherwise healthy, Dr. Stone often uses advanced resin to seal the crack or chip. The bonding matches the color of your existing teeth.
  • Filling: Many times, Dr. Stone uses the same fix for both decayed and broken teeth. Our office uses lots of filling repairs because, many times, there is some significant damage to the tooth. That’s especially true if the crack or chip has been festering for a few weeks. A filling covers the damage and keeps the tooth fracture from getting out-of-control bad.
  • Crown: A crown does not just fill a hole and slow the progression of cracked tooth syndrome. It covers the damaged portion of the tooth and prevents the crack from worsening. Crowns also fully protect against tooth decay and sensitivity to hot or cold.

During your initial appointment, Dr. Stone will examine your mouth and thoroughly go over the pros and cons of all your chipped or broken tooth repair options.

A chipped or broken tooth cap is nothing to trifle with. These injuries need immediate attention. Dr. John Stone has been fixing chipped or broken tooth caps for many years, so make your appointment at Best Dental Associates today.

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