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Fort Lauderdale Dentist, Dr. Stone, DDS

Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist (prosthodontist), Dr. Stone has been practicing since 1979. His success as a cosmetic dentist is based years of advanced training and over 30 years of private practice, teaching and continuing education.
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When your dentist recommends you visit a specialist to restore function, comfort, and appearance by replacing natural or missing teeth, only a trained cosmetic dentist will do. Contact us to make an appointment with Fort Lauderdale dentist & prosthodontist, Dr. Stone, DDS.
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From Dr. Stone's Blog

What is a DDS? DMD?

What is a DDS

What is the Difference Between a DDS and a DMD? The world’s first dental school was established in the United States in 1840. It was called the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and gave out the first Doctor of Dental … Continue reading

Seven Reasons Our Patients Prefer Dr. Stone, DDS as their Cosmetic Dentist

Best Dentist Fort Lauderdale

Why do people travel to visit Dr. Stone from other states? What makes patients send in wonderful thank you notes and refer their friends and family? Here are some of the things our patients tell us they love about coming … Continue reading

Chipped Tooth Repair

Chipped Tooth Repair

Most of us have experienced that “oops” moment, when you feel that something is wrong, you run your tongue around your mouth and feel the sharp edge of a chipped tooth. Continue reading