Cost of Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Options and Dental Implants

Cost of dental implantsBecause of the many benefits they offer, implants are becoming dentists’ most preferred way to replace missing teeth. But implants are very expensive and patients often choose dentures because of the considerable difference in cost. That might be a mistake, because implants have many advantages over dentures. If a patient is able to afford implants, it’s absolutely worthwhile to consider them instead.

So what do implants cost? What are the advantages of getting implants, and how can patients finance them?

What are Dental Implants, Exactly?

Cost of dental implants - Dental implant Simply put, dental implants are like an exact replacement of a tooth. They have a crown (which resembles a real tooth) and a screw which is implanted into your jawbone to serve as the root of your new tooth. Implants are cared for exactly like your other teeth, you simply have to take care of your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing on a daily basis like you normally would.

What Do Implants Cost?

There’s no absolute way to know what implants would cost without visiting your dentist. The cost of an implant can range anywhere from $2000-$10,000 per tooth, and the average cost of an implant in America is $4250 per tooth. There are many variables that play into the price you’ll end up paying for an implant. While your dentist can offer you a reasonably accurate estimate of what the cost would be, it’s almost impossible to tell the exact price.

The following factors will vary from one individual to another and contribute to what an implant will ultimately cost:

  • Cost of X-rays: your dentist might require additional, more detailed X-rays before performing a surgical procedure if he or she spots something that might be a problem.
  • Ease of the procedure: some implants are more easily fitted than others. If the surgical procedure is more complex, it will also cost more.
  • Additional work to fit the implant correctly: bone grafting procedures required will vary and your dentist may also need to have more than one implant made to fit your new tooth correctly.

Broader, more general influencers also play into the cost of implants. You’ll pay more if your implants are fitted by a highly skilled dentist who specializes in relevant forms of dentistry, but the investment is likely to be worth the extra cost. Another factor is the quality of the implant itself. Be sure to ask your dentist about his or her success rate with the brand of implant they use. There are different brands available and they’re not all made equal.

Are Implants Worth the Extra Cost?

Cost of dental implants - DenturesImplants are very likely to last you a lifetime and will have no effect on your quality of life because they’re like real teeth. The implant will also replace missing bone tissue, and so your face will have a more youthful appearance compared to if you get dentures.

Dentures aren’t implanted into your jaw – they’re completely removable and rest on your gums. This may seem like an easy option – after all, it sounds a little frightful to have a screw implanted into your jawbone for replacing a tooth. But the reality is that the bone tissue that’s lost when your tooth is pulled won’t be replaced by anything, which will have an affect on your appearance, making you look older. Add to that the inconvenience of your dentures moving in your mouth as you talk or eat and the fact that you probably won’t be able to enjoy certain foods any more, and it soon becomes clear that having dentures will impact your quality of life.

With all of that taken into consideration, the cost of having dentures might also not compare well to implants in the long-run, because having dentures will require you to revisit your dentist more often.

How to Finance Implants?

While many health insurance companies don’t pay for dental implants at all, the health benefits associated with implants has come to the attention certain companies, and many will now be willing to pay out the cost of dentures towards implants instead. So talk to your heath insurance provider about financing your implants.

If you’re still unable to finance dental implants, consider a payment plan. Dr. Stone provides his patients with the option of paying with CareCredit, a company that allows you to pay for your dental procedures in affordable monthly instalments. If you’re concerned about the cost of dental implants, be sure to take a look at this option, as it might be ideal for you. With the long-term benefits that implants offer, it’s important to explore all the payment options available to you. The extra investment can be life changing.

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