The Cost of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants are about half the cost of traditional dental implants. In the US, one traditional dental implant costs on average of $2,450The cost of Mini Dental Implants are on average $1,000 per implant.

mini dental implants

Mini Dental Implants are a single unit with a ball, or adaptor, on top.

Why are Mini Dental Implants less expensive than traditional dental implants?

There are several reasons that Mini Dental Implants are less expensive:

  • Mini Dental Implants are about one-third of the size of traditional dental implants, so they require less titanium for fabrication.
  • An abutment, which adds to the cost, is placed on a traditional dental implant to secure the dental crown in place. Mini Dental Implants don’t need abutments.
  • The procedure for placing a Mini Dental Implant is quicker and requires less drilling than a traditional dental implant.
  • Mini Dental Implants are an option for patients who may have needed bone grafting for traditional implants. This is because they get their strength from their length instead of their thickness. This is also going to reduce the price. It’s a win-win!
  • Existing dentures can be retro-fitted for placement on Mini Dental Implants, saving the cost of new dentures.
  • The healing time for Mini Dental Implants is quick, so you won’t need to make it as many times to the office.

The Cost of Mini Dental Implants

How to decide if Mini Dental Implants are the right choice for you

Mini Dental Implants are not as strong as thicker, traditional implants. They are ideal for anchoring dentures and bridges. They can also anchor single teeth in small spaces or teeth that don’t have to bear the full force of biting. Because they are often used in patients who have experienced bone loss in the jaw, your dentist must place them carefully to ensure they are secured properly.

An initial assessment can determine if you are a good candidate for Mini Dental Implants. Your overall health and the number and location of teeth that need replacement will factor in to your ability to have Mini Dental Implants put into place.

Dental Implants

An initial assessment with Dr. Stone

During an initial assessment, you and Dr. Stone work together to come up with a treatment plan that best meets your needs and expectations. Each treatment plan is a team effort. Dr. Stone’s goal is to give each of his patients, “A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.”

For almost 40 years, Dr. Stone has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Ft. Lauderdale, specializing in the placement of dental implants. He is a prosthodontist who teaches dental implant technique to other dentists at two colleges in South Florida.

He has made his office a welcoming place with an on-site lab and a knowledgeable and caring staff. Dr. Stone’s office is considered ‘in network’ with dozens of dental insurance plans, and for patients who don’t have insurance or would like to use a payment plan, we offer CareCredit.

Please contact us to make an appointment or ask any questions you may have about Mini Dental Implants or implants in general.

I am happy to recommend Dr. Stone. He is the best dentist of many I have endured. He is honest, wise, charming, his advice is always thoughtful and right. My implants are wonderful!”
-Marion G. Wells, August 10, 2014

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cosmetic-dentist-fort-lauderdaleArtistry and Expertise

Proper placement and esthetics are vital to the success of Dental Implants. Dr. Stone is a Prosthodontist, which means he has advanced training in tooth restoration. He teaches Dental Implant Techniques to dentists at two colleges in south Florida. We have an Onsite Laboratory, which assures excellent quality and cost effective care. Start with a Free Consultation, and we’ll help you with every step along the way to your perfect smile.

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