What do Dental Implants Cost?

I am often asked, “what do dental implants cost?”

There is a long answer to that question. If we compare the cost of a 3 tooth non-removable bridge to fill a space, a single implant with the restoration is about the same price. The implant will last longer. If we compare restoring a tooth with a root canal treatment plus the core build-up plus the crown, the costs are similar. The implant will last longer. Financing is available.

Dental Implants CostMy usual reply when asked, “what do dental implants cost?” is that it is a bit like asking, how much is a house? And there is a lot to consider in the answer. Implant treatment is a multifold process. First there is a planning stage and that might necessitate some special x-rays, such as a panorex  or a CT scan. Most of the time, simple dental x-rays and panorex “films” (they might be digital) will be enough. If there are structures close to where the implants will be going, sometimes a more detailed CT or CBCT scan is necessary. These x-ray decisions are at the discretion of the dentist doing the surgery.

Dental Implant Construction

Dental Implant Construction

Before any implant is placed, a determination must be made as to the exact placement of the implant into the jaw. Sometimes a fake tooth or new denture must be made first to determine this.

Then there is the cost of the implant itself. There are several different kinds of crowns that can be made for an implant and this is determined by the dentist usually after the models are made and all of the parameters inside and out are considered. And dental laboratories always charge more to restore an implant than to restore a tooth.

So, have I thoroughly confused everyone yet? We haven’t even discussed what is involved in restoring an implant if the patient has a denture or partial denture.

Dental Implants

Keep in mind when a dentist buys an implant, one must also include a healing abutment or screw, plus remember that the dentist also had to buy a surgical kit for each brand of implant he or she uses, usually several thousand dollars.

When an implant is ready to restore with a crown, there are several parts that must be purchased to perform this. An impression of the implant must be made, using a special impression post which is different for every implant brand. An analogue of the implant has to be purchased for the model that the laboratory uses. Usually the laboratory makes a special kind of model so that the gum tissue is reproduced in the model. A specific abutment has to be used for the crown to be cemented to. Sometimes this abutment is a custom made by the laboratory which involves added expense.

The bottom line is that each case is different and a patient really has to be seen and evaluated before a fee can be given. Contact us for your free evaluation.

– John C. Stone, DDS, Cosmetic Dentist, Ft. Lauderdale

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