Mini Dental Implant – Cost Effective Tooth Replacement

Mini Dental Implant

Mini dental implants have been in use since 1999. In the almost 20 years that the procedure has been available, the use of mini dental implants have made tooth replacement with dental implants more accessible to thousands of patients.

Tooth Loss, Old Age and Tooth Replacement

Mini Dental Implant – Cost Effective Tooth ReplacementOf all the difficulties that come with aging, tooth loss is among one of the most troubling. Oral health concerns are so much of a concern for elderly persons, that it’s repeatedly cited as one of the top 10 health problems faced by seniors in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 25% of American adults over the age of 60 no longer have natural teeth.

Traditionally, replacing missing teeth posed almost an equally troubling concern as the tooth loss problem itself. The two main tooth replacement options before dental implants were dentures and dental implants. However, while dentures tend to be uncomfortable, traditional dental implants are too expensive for many patients to afford.

Mini dental implants offer the best compromise between traditional dental implants and dentures. Although the procedure is still relatively new compared to its more traditional counterparts, it’s helped thousands of patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Average Cost of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant – Cost Effective Tooth Replacement

The cost of mini dental implants will depend on a variety of factors. One of the first things to consider is how the dental implants will be used. Mini dental implants can be used to support both a single tooth or a set of full dentures.

According the Dental Implant Cost Guide, the cost of a single tooth mini dental implant can range between $500-$1200, whereas 4 mini dental implants supporting a set of dentures can cost anywhere between $2000-$5000. However, keep in mind that additional costs can apply on top of the cost of the dental implant, such as procedure costs for your dentists, so be sure to ask your dentist for an estimate of what the procedure will cost you.

When compared to the cost of traditional dental implants, patients can expect to save at least $1000 on the procedure for a single tooth and up to $7000 for implant-supported dentures.

Traditional vs Mini Dental Implants – What’s the Difference?

mini dental implants vs traditional implants

Mini dental implants can offer many benefits over regular implants: the screw that’s inserted into the jaw is a lot narrower, the procedure for inserting the implant screw is also less invasive, and the implant is inserted into the gums without invasive surgery.

Single Tooth Dental Implant Cost

Overall, most dentists will agree that a dental implant is the best option for replacing a missing tooth, but when patients simply can’t afford the extra cost, a dental bridge can serve as a good alternative.

With the large price difference between traditional and mini dental implants, it’s easy to feel skeptical about mini dental implants, especially if you don’t know what distinguishes them from traditional implants. But the difference isn’t as big as you might suspect.

The difference between traditional and mini dental implants is the implant screw that goes into the jaw. Mini dental implants have an screw that’s much thinner. This helps dentists easily place the implants without the need for dental implant surgery.

When getting traditional dental implants, the procedure can take months. The procedure is performed in different stages, often with long stretches of healing time form one phase of treatment to another.

Mini dental implants offer the benefit of a less invasive procedure that can be performed in only one day of necessary.

Aesthetically, patients can expect the same results with mini dental implants as traditional ones. Just like traditional dental implants, mini dental implants can last a lifetime.

Mini Dental Implant


Mini Dental Implants Cost & Prices Paid

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