Should I Get Mini Dental Implants?

Should I Get Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Implant (left) next to a traditional Dental Implant (right)

Mini dental implants are an exciting new option that your prosthodontist can use to make your mouth healthier and your smile more attractive. Lower price and a less-invasive procedure are the two biggest pros of a procedure that has very few cons.

Essentially, a mini dental implant is an artificial tooth that’s directly attached to an extremely thin screw. After the patient is comfortably sedated, the dentist places the mini-implant in the current tooth gap. Because the screw is so tiny, the procedure is quite easy to perform and usually requires only one office visit.

Who is a Candidate for Mini Dental Implants?

Should I Get Mini Dental Implants?Traditional implants are artificial teeth attached to titanium roots. Under normal circumstances, these implants last a lifetime. But some people need an alternative to traditional implants. These patients include:

  • Size: Since mini-implants are so small, they are ideal for children and patients with small mouths. They are also well-suited for individuals who do not have much space between their teeth.
  • Gap Location: The tooth gap should be toward the front of the mouth. If the gap is further back, the procedure is much more time-consuming.
  • Denture Wearers: Many people are extremely self-conscious about slipping dentures, even if they have not had such problems in the past. Mini implants are very good ways to secure dentures, especially in the lower mouth. To secure dentures to the upper mouth, your Ft. Lauderdale dentist may need to use additional implants. Regardless of the location, many of our patients report that, after the procedure, their dentures feel like natural teeth.
  • Bone Loss: Traditional implants require healthy bone mass in the jaw to secure the titanium rods. As a result, some patients require a bone graft, especially if the gap has been there for quite some time. In contrast, a mini implant requires much less bone mass.

In general, implants do more than give you your smile back. They also make your mouth healthier by reducing the pressure on your healthy teeth. Most people fully recover from mini dental implants procedures in only three or four days. There are almost no pre-procedure requirements and side-effects are extremely rare.

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How Long Do Mini Dental Implants Last?

The Cost of Mini Dental Implants

The average price of a mini dental implant can range between $500-$1500. This is considerably lower than the average cost of regular implants, which can range between $4000-$5000 for the implant only.

Traditional dental implants almost always last a lifetime. That’s one of their greatest advantages. Sven Johansson, one of the first patients of implant pioneer Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, received his implants in 1967 and still had them almost fifty years later.

Since they are so new, there is little evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, about the longevity of mini implants. However, recent studies suggest that they may last about as long. Mini dental implants usually go into the gumline as opposed to the jawbone.

Longevity depends a lot on lifestyle and usage. People who do not smoke, eat a healthy diet, do not grind their teeth, and maintain good oral health can expect the best results.

Mini dental implants are a great example of the advancing technology in this area. Just a few short years ago, people who were not good candidates for traditional implants or wanted a lower cost alternative had no options whatsoever. But today, Dr. John Stone at Best Dental Associates may offer the solution you need. Reach out to us today and we’ll set up your initial consultation in our conveniently-located Ft. Lauderdale office.

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