Chipped Tooth Repair

Chipped Tooth Repair

Chipped Tooth RepairHow Teeth Get Chipped

Most of us have experienced that “oops” moment, when you feel that something is wrong, you run your tongue around your mouth and feel the sharp edge of a chipped tooth.

Luckily, a chipped tooth can be repaired to look like new…and often…better than new.

The enamel that makes up the outer layer of our teeth is very hard and very strong, but it has its limits, especially if there is some decay in the tooth.

A chipped tooth can result from:

  • biting down on something hard
  • a trauma, like a fall, car accident or sports injury
  • clenching or grinding teeth

If the chip is large it may expose the part of the tooth where the nerves are located and cause pain, especially when it’s exposed to:

  • hot or cold air
  • hot or cold food or drinks

Make an Appointment ASAP

How Teeth Get ChippedIt’s important to get a chipped tooth fixed As Soon As Possible to reduce pain, avoid infection and prevent further tooth damage.

Before you get to the dentist you can:

  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • Gargle with warm salt water to help prevent infection
  • Cover the jagged edge of the tooth with paraffin wax or sugarless chewing gum
  • Put a cold compress on your face, over the area of the chipped tooth.

Check out Emergency Dentist on our website for more detailed information about Emergency Dental Care.

Chipped Tooth Repair

There are several options that can be used to repair a chipped tooth, depending on which tooth is chipped and how much of the tooth has been lost.

Some of the options are:

Bonding: A resin, that matches the color of the tooth is placed on the tooth to cover the chipped area.
Filling: If the chip is large and in a back tooth, a filling, with the same materials that are used when a cavity is filled, can be used to repair the chip.
Veneer: A thin layer of material is placed over the tooth. Veneers can strengthen the tooth and improve its appearance. Read about the cost of veneers here.
Crown: A tooth-shaped cap is placed over the tooth to protect it and restore its appearance.

Choosing Chipped Tooth Repair Options

The first step toward repairing a chipped tooth is to get to the dentist.
The next step is to have Dr. Stone assess the problem. Together, you can decide on the most appropriate for repairing your chipped tooth. Contact Us ASAP to schedule an appointment.

Chipped Tooth Repair

cosmetic-dentist-fort-lauderdaleAbout Dr. John C. Stone, DDS

Dr. Stone teaches dental implant therapy to dentists in two different locations: Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic at Palm Beach College and Broward Dental Research Clinic at Broward College.  He is a specialist in tooth replacement, a Prosthodontist, and has been placing dental implants surgically since 1991.


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