What are Flipper Teeth?

how much does a dental implant costFlipper Teeth are sometimes called Flexible Dentures or RPDs (Removable Partial Dentures). This is because they can flip in and out of place with the tongue.

Flipper Teeth are usually used as a temporary replacement for one or several missing teeth.

Types of Flipper Teeth

Thanks to new materials and techniques, Flipper Teeth fit comfortably and teeth you can even add teeth to some types of RPDs if needed.

  • Cast Metal Removable Partial Dentures have been a popular option for replacing several missing teeth. They have an advantage for some patients over other types of RPDs because the metal framework allows the dentures to rest gently above the gum. They may be more comfortable than other types of Flexible Dentures for patients who grind their teeth.
  • Acrylic Removable Partial Dentures use the same materials as standard dentures. The advantage of Acrylic Removable Dentures is that new teeth can be easily added if you lose a natural tooth.
  • Flexible Removable Dentures use thermoplastic materials that blend well with gum and tissue color. The same material forms the clasps, which are invisible when placed in the mouth. They can also replace just a single missing tooth.
Flexible Removable Dentures to replace missing teeth

Flexible Removable Dentures to replace missing teeth

Why Use Flipper Teeth?

Your dentist will create your set of Flexible Dentures before removing your natural tooth. So there’s no need to walk around with a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Other advantages of these dentures are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Replace missing teeth that are not next to one another
  • Prevent existing teeth from shifting
  • Allow for an improved bite
  • You can add teeth, if needed
  • They are a great temporary solution while you wait for something more permanent
  • They are cost effective even when used as a temporary solution for replacing missing teeth

In some cases, Flipper Teeth replace teeth for adolescents who have lost their permanent teeth through an accident or illness. Because the jaw of an adolescent is still growing, placing a dental implant into the jawbone could become misaligned when the jaw is fully developed.

Flipper Teeth have become part of Pop Culture due, in part, to the reality TV show Toddlers and Tiaras where very young children sometimes wear RPDs to replace missing teeth or to look more mature. They market these dentures online, but they are not a healthy option for children. A dental professional should fit and place your Flipper Teeth.

How are Flipper Teeth Made?

The process for making RPDs is like that of traditional dentures:

  • Your dentist will give an initial assessment and take measurements
  • Then they will make an impression of the jaw
  • The lab will build a model based on the impression
  • Then they’ll make your Flipper Teeth conform to the model
  • Finally, your dentist will fit the teeth, ensuring comfort and function

Because they are flexible, you can wear an RPDs soon after losing a tooth, and you can adjust them for comfort.

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