How to Fix a Cracked Dental Crown

Dental crowns are wonderful in helping dentists restore teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. But unfortunately, even the most durable tooth restoration can still crack or chip. Knowing the reasons why your dental crown can break, as well … Continue reading

Tooth Nerve Pain: Relief and Causes

A toothache is a sure sign that something is wrong. But but not all tooth nerve pain is the same, and not all cases will require the same treatment. Continue reading

How to Fix a Porcelain Veneer that Has Fallen Off

Veneers often fall off in one piece, which can make you wonder whether gluing it back yourself is an option. But don’t attempt to do this. Continue reading

Tooth Replacement Options and Dental Implant Prices

Traditional dental implants are a great option if you have a bad tooth you want to replace. This option becomes somewhat less practical when you want to replace a tooth that’s been missing for a long time, as you may need need bone grafting. Continue reading

Tooth Implant Cost Guide

While most implants will last a lifetime, whereas other options need to be replaced and refitted regularly. So when looking at the cost of implants, remember that (unlike with the other options) it’s a once-off investment in most cases. Continue reading

What Does a Prosthodontist Specialize In?

Prosthodontists complete an additional three to four years of training related to tooth replacement, aesthetic dentistry and advanced tooth restorations. Continue reading

How Much Will Veneers Cost Me?

Not all veneers are the same, and so not all veneers are priced the same. When shopping around for veneers, you’re likely to get quotes that vary, sometimes even as much as a few hundred dollars per tooth. Continue reading

Same Day Dental Implants Near Me

With a same day dental implant, the implant is usually done in a single day and a temporary crown is placed, so you can leave your dentist’s practice with a brand new tooth before the day is over. Continue reading

Dental Financing: Paying for Dental Work

If your credit record looks good, you’ll easily be able to pay for dental work through a dental credit provider. Like with any other credit, using the dental credit option is basically the equivalent of taking a loan to pay for your dental work. Continue reading

A Guide to Fixing Chipped Teeth

Even if your teeth are strong, nothing prevents a hard knock from leaving an unsightly chip behind. Not all tooth chips are the same, however. While some chips are tiny and present nothing more than a cosmetic concern, a chip … Continue reading

Dentures That Create A Non Surgical Facelift

Dentures have been around for a long time now, and they’re still one of the most popular choices for patients who need to replace a full arch of teeth. In fact, dentures (also known as false teeth) have been used … Continue reading

What Do Mini Dental Implants Cost?

Some of the reasons for the lower cost of mini dental implants can include: a less expensive implant post, a simpler procedure and no bone grafting. Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale Dental Implants

Looking for a highly recommended and experienced dental implant specialist in Fort Lauderdale? Finding the best dentist to perform your dental implant procedure (or one-day dental implant procedure) can be tough. Continue reading

The Dental Implants Procedure

Make an Appointment Today! Dental implants replace broken, cracked or decayed teeth with new, natural-looking, artificial ones. To make the new teeth stay in place, a titanium post is surgically implanted into the bone structure of your jaw. After that, … Continue reading

How Much Does a Tooth Implant Cost?

Price is an important factor in making a decision about tooth replacement. So much so that it’s one of the most common questions people have when they’re considering getting dental implants. But how much does a tooth implant cost? Continue reading

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is no fun to deal with! Depending on how your tooth cracked, there might be sharp edges that can cut your tongue and the inside of your mouth. Continue reading

Yellow Teeth

White teeth look healthy and clean, which is probably why most people think that a bright smile is attractive. However, your teeth are naturally inclined to being more of an off-white, or beige color. So while it’s not particularly noticeable, … Continue reading

Tooth Pain Remedy

These tooth pain remedies will be at least temporarily effective regardless of what kind of tooth damage you may have. Continue reading

Mini Dental and Traditional Dental Implants: Pros and Cons Comparison

Instead of a thick dental implant post, mini dental implants have a reasonably thin screw that will hold any replacement teeth in place. Continue reading

Tooth Replacement Options: Dental Implants Guide

If you would like to know more about tooth replacement options with dental implants, it’s best to talk to a professional prosthodontist in-person. Continue reading