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What Determines the Cost of Dental Implants?

Affordable Dental Implants
The cost of a Dental Implant is determined by:

  • Where you have the implant done
  • Who is doing the implant
  • The materials used
  • How much pre- or post-procedural care is needed

Placing Dental Implants is an invasive procedure, meaning that, to do the procedure, your dentist must go inside your gums, through living tissue that houses nerves and blood vessels. The procedure must be done very carefully, and with great skill, so that the implant is placed in an area that can support it, without doing damage to surrounding tissue. Just a few millimeters can make the difference between success and failure… and failure can be devastating.

The Dental Implant, which is the post that acts as the root of the tooth, and holds the crown in place, can cost over $1500.

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Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Affordable Dental ImplantsThe value of a Dental Implant depends on the value we place on our health. A Dental Implant can last a lifetime…which is a better deal than most cars, major appliances and even designer handbags.We don’t often think of our body parts we use in terms of cost, because it’s difficult to place a value on something that is priceless.

Thinking in terms of having a functional, esthetically perfect tooth for a lifetime, may put the value of a Dental Implant into perspective.

How to Cover the Cost of Dental Implants

More and more insurance companies are beginning to see the long-term benefits of Dental Implants, and will cover the cost, though most insurance companies do not. Insurance companies may cover the cost of the crowns that attach to the implant. We work with many insurance companies to help our patients get the most cost effective care possible. We also offer CareCredit to our patients who need financial assistance.

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Affordable Dental ImplantsA free consultation will determine if Dental Implants are right for you and give you a chance to meet us and make sure you will feel comfortable with the care we provide. We have an on-site laboratory to further reduce the cost for our patients. Our goal is to give our patients the best care at the most affordable prices possible.

Dental Implants

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