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These highly-trained and experienced professionals are often called “cosmetic dentists.” That description is only partially accurate. Anyone who has a prosthetic device, like a hand or leg, knows that the device is not just cosmetic. Of course, the prosthetic greatly enhances appearance. But more importantly, everyday activities which were once almost impossible to perform are more like, well, everyday activities.

ProsthodontistsJust like prosthetic physicians focus on missing or damaged limbs, prosthodontists focus on missing or damaged teeth. The cosmetic effect is almost always night and day. Patient satisfaction rates for prosthodontic procedures are usually above 95 percent in most categories.

Curiously, satisfaction with regard to cost can be lower. That may indicate that the practitioner was not entirely upfront about the cost and/or why it was so high. This will not happen at Best Dental Associates. Dr. Stone has a well-deserved reputation for being very thorough in all areas.

But the work that prosthodontists do is not just cosmetic. A broken or missing tooth greatly increases the chance for bacterial infection. Furthermore, this situation creates undue pressure on the other teeth, making chewing and swallowing difficult. Finally, a weak tooth is more likely to suffer further damage in the future.

What Qualifications Do Prosthodontists Have?

After graduating from dental school and becoming licensed, aspiring prosthodontists must complete brief residency periods. Some elect to become certified, but many do not take this extra step. They prefer to spend their time with patients instead of studying for tests.

Dr. Stone’s background greatly exceeds these minimum qualifications. Before his dental residency, he completed two years at Long Island’s Jewish-Hillside Medical Center. In his second year, he was the chief resident. Only then did he go on to his dental residency program.

Furthermore, since the 1980s, Dr. Stone has taught a number of classes to prosthodontists elsewhere in South Florida. These professionals turn to Dr. Stone for cutting-edge dental implant training.

What Procedures Do They Perform?

Dr. John Stone, DDS

Dr. Stone is a prosthodontists and specialist in tooth replacement. He has been placing dental implants, veneers, crowns and dentures since 1991.

In addition to dental implants, prosthodontists focus on a wide array of procedures that are designed to enhance your smile and improve your oral hygiene. Some examples include:

  • Crowns: Chipped teeth are one of the most common prosthodontic issues in Ft. Lauderdale. Dr. Stone and his team quickly evaluate the damage to the tooth and address it. Many times, a crown requires only one office visit, and it is a very long-lasting solution.
  • Veneers: Today’s porcelain veneers greatly enhance your smile and strengthen your teeth. They usually remain in place for twenty years or more with almost no additional work.
  • Dentures: The old days of cream adhesives are gone. Today’s dentures offer a removable and clean solution for missing or broken teeth. In some cases, Dr. Stone combines dentures with implants. That gives the patient lots of flexibility and an extremely natural-looking smile.

People who are dissatisfied with their smiles in any way probably need to see prosthodontists. Professionals like Dr. Stone can evaluate the issue and recommend several alternatives. Then, after considering cost, procedure time, and all other factors, doctor and patient jointly decide on a plan of action.

First and foremost, a prosthodontist makes your mouth healthier. Along the way, this professional often gives you a smile like you see in the magazines. To see for yourself what prosthodontists can do for you, schedule your initial consultation with Best Dental Associates in Ft. Lauderdale today. Dr. John Stone is a member of the prestigious American College of Prosthodontists.


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